(Day 3)A Really Tiring yet Fun Day

Haaaii everryoonee!! We’re from group 3. Today is a really amazing day, to share our excitment, we’re going to tell u all about our day. Today we woke up at 5.30, took a bath and prepared our stuff. We then gathered in the canteen to have our breakfast. This morning we ate fried egg, chocolate bread and some beef sandwich.Hmmmm..our meal were good. After we finished our breakfast, we together went to the beihai park, but this time, we didn’t ride the bus, we walked, and it was pretty far. But despite our tiredness, we still enjoyed the view and weather, as it was cloudy so it wasn’t that hot. After we finally arrived, we queued up and went in. Beihai is a really beautiful place in beijing. We had alot of fun taking nice pictures. Happy with our pictures, we then rode a “boat” for about 1 and a half hour. Some of us played cards, sang a song and some just relaxed and enjoyed the view. At around 12 o’clock, we got off the boat and then walked back to the dorm to have our lunch and rest for a while. We were instructed to gather back at 2o’clock, so at 1.55, we all went down and waited in front of the school’s gate. After that, we went to the biggest bookstore called beijing books building by public bus. We were given 30 minutes, so we went in. It was really huge and there were so many books. But since we thougt that it is all in chinese and it will be so hard for us so we decided not to buy. After we were done, we walked to the department store.  After we arrived we were divided into groups, we were given 1 and a half hour to walk around and did some shopping. We bought clothes, shoes, and even food and drinks. We went back to the dorm at 5 o’clock, once we arrived, we had dinner, then some of us played basket and some other sports. After we finished playing, we felt really tired, so we took a bath then had a rest. So that’s all about our day. Hope 2morrow’s going to be a better day. Byee guyyss…cu 2morrow.