Wow, we can’t believe it’s our last day in Beijing number 39 middle school. we woke up realizing how fast time flies. 6 in the morning, we were ready to go downstair to have breakfast. then, we went to the field and did some stretching before wushu lesson. we were really excited about the wushu lesson. then, we started our wushu lesson at 7:30 am. it was really tiring but, hey! now we can do some really cool moves! we finished our wushu lesson at 11.00 o’clock. after the wushu lesson, we did our last rehearsal for farewell performances. while we were doing our last rehearsal, we were reminded by the days we were taught together about the dance’s moves, positions, and many more! friendshipness, togetherness, and even funny mistakes were in our brain. but, our hearts said “we are going to give our best for these last performances!!!” after we finished practicing, we went back to the dorm to have lunch. we took a bath and rest for about 2 hours until we took our last chinese class at 2 pm. our teachers gave us some review of our lessons before final exam. nervous? yup. we were really nervous about it. but eventually we made it! well, i think many of us had done the exam pretty well ^^. then, the time we had been waiting for is arrived! it’s farewell time. our hands turned freezing cold! and again we were as nervous as we can be! time flies, we finished our performances and everything went well! it was the best thing that we ever had, finished our performances really well is everything we ever wanted. we took tons of selfies together, cherishing every moment we had together. we had beijing roasted duck as our dinner and it was soooooooo delicious! full tummy means full happiness ^^! we went back to our dorm to start packing, and end our last day with tight sleep under the beijing’s summer night. we were happy that we had a day to be remembered.