Day 7

Hey hey everybody! We’re from group 3! We’re going to tell you about our today’s excitement. We woke up at 6 AM, took a shower, prepare our stuffs and had breakfast as usual. The weather was so cold because it’s raining so we wore jacket and used umbrella and at 7.30 AM we went to Tian An Men Square and Forbidden City by bus. We still took lots of pictures although it was raining hahaha after that we went back to the dorm and had lunch at 12 PM. At 2 PM we went shopping at Wang Fu Jing Street and had dinner at Bai Huo Shi Chang. We went there by bus again. The dinner was about 7 PM so when we went back to the dorm it was 8.30 PM already. We were really tired but it doesn’t matter because we spent our time mostly outside the dorm so we were having fun! Well that’s all about today’s excitement, thankyou for reading and stay tune on this page! Bye bye~