Day 6

Today was so fun!!! On 6 o’clock we woke up then we took a bath and had our breakfast! Then we went to our class to attend our lessons!In 9.30 o’clock we had our recess time for 20 minutes then we continued our lessons,after we finished our lessons we went down to had our lunch! Then after we had our lunch we had our break time for 2 hours!!! On 2 o’clock we went to our class to have some chinese “書法” or known as “Shu Fa” shu fa is the chinese caligraphy that was so famous in the world! And we had some chinese lesson that is known as “chinese opera” Chinese opera is the famous opera in the world! In this lesson we studied to make our own mask! And that was so fun! then after we finished our lesson on 5 o’clock we studied to make a chinese food as known as “dumpling” this food was so popular cause this food is the one of the chinese popular food! at first we studied to make the shield of the dumpling then we made the dumpling step by step! then we had our dinner time! then after we ate our dinner we listened to a student named Sharen,she was the Indonesian student who study in Beijing 39 Middle School! She was so nice to us! She shared so many things so we could enjoy this trip! Then we had our freetime! we felt very happy to get our free time! then we went to our room to have our rest so we could enjoy our trip for the next” day! That’s all for today!