Day 2

Today was the first day we went outside from the school^^ at 6 o’clock we woke up then we took a bath and got our breakfast . We had our breakfast in a small crowded restaurant then in that restaurant we ate red bean porridge . Then we went to Great Wall,before we entered the Great wall we bought our ticket so we could go upstairs . Then we took many pictures there, after we took many pictures we went to have our lunch that was so delicious. And then we went to our school bus and continued our trip to the Bird Nest. At Bird Nest we took a photo and walk around there. then we bought some food and toys around there. Then we went back to the bus and went back to the dormitory. After we arrived at the dormitory we took a bath,had our rest time for 2 hours then we bought some sim cards then we had dinner. After that we took rest so we can do our activities tomorrow! and we’re very happy for today activities because we could climb the Great Wall although we couldn’t reach the top of the Great Wall^^ and we’re very exited for tomorrow activities!!!