(Day 4) New Day, New Experience

Hello guys!! it was 7.30 AM, just then, we realized that today we would have our first Chinese class.

We were super excited and so we immediately got prepared and went downstairs to have our delicious and healthy breakfast. After finished eating, we gathered at the meeting room to have some information about Beijing No.39 Middle School from the School’s International Department Manager. Then, we had our placement test, which was a writing test, and suddenly our excitement turned into tension. The teacher gave us half an hour to finish the test. We were finaly relieved that the result was pretty satisfying. We were divided into 3 different levels depends on our placement test. We attended our class for an hour and a half, and after that we had our lunch at the school canteen with students from different countries who take language classes in school for preparation to go to college. Next, we took a rest for 2 hours to prepare ourselves. In the next class we learnt about Chinese culture. We were divided into 2 groups, the first group made Chinese Calligraphy and the second one decorated Chinese mask, which is a part of the Beijing Opera. It was fun, we could even bring them home! At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we walked around the school and played table tennis for a while. We also visited the school swimming pool but sadly we couldn’t swim because we didn’t bring our Student ID Card. Then, we ate dinner and we joked around with friends. After the dinner, some of us went to the supermarket to buy our needs and some gifts for our family. And the rest stayed at the school to play basketball or just having fun. It was really fun!! We still hope for the best for tomorrow. We think that’s all for today, and see you in the next few days, bye!!