Day 2

Today was the first day we went outside from the school^^ at 6 o’clock we woke up then we took a bath and got our breakfast . We had our breakfast in a small crowded restaurant then in that restaurant we ate red bean porridge . Then we went to Great Wall,before we entered the Great wall we bought our ticket so we could go upstairs . Then we took many pictures there, after we took many pictures we went to have our lunch that was so delicious. And then we went to our school bus and continued our trip to the Bird Nest. At Bird Nest we took a photo and walk around there. then we bought some food and toys around there. Then we went back to the bus and went back to the dormitory. After we arrived at the dormitory we took a bath,had our rest time for 2 hours then we bought some sim cards then we had dinner. After that we took rest so we can do our activities tomorrow! and we’re very happy for today activities because we could climb the Great Wall although we couldn’t reach the top of the Great Wall^^ and we’re very exited for tomorrow activities!!!


我们很开心因为今天开始第一的课. 8点我们吃早饭。吃饭以后、我们一起去学校上课。今天我们有汉语测试来分成3班。10点30分, 我们进分毫的班,在第一个的班是夫老师叫,第二的班有李老师教,第三的班王老师教的。我们学习1个半小时半到十二点。12。00 我们下课了,我们去礼堂吃午饭,然后2点,我们有课到晚上5。00。最后我们在学校有自由活动。

(Day 4) New Day, New Experience

Hello guys!! it was 7.30 AM, just then, we realized that today we would have our first Chinese class.

We were super excited and so we immediately got prepared and went downstairs to have our delicious and healthy breakfast. After finished eating, we gathered at the meeting room to have some information about Beijing No.39 Middle School from the School’s International Department Manager. Then, we had our placement test, which was a writing test, and suddenly our excitement turned into tension. The teacher gave us half an hour to finish the test. We were finaly relieved that the result was pretty satisfying. We were divided into 3 different levels depends on our placement test. We attended our class for an hour and a half, and after that we had our lunch at the school canteen with students from different countries who take language classes in school for preparation to go to college. Next, we took a rest for 2 hours to prepare ourselves. In the next class we learnt about Chinese culture. We were divided into 2 groups, the first group made Chinese Calligraphy and the second one decorated Chinese mask, which is a part of the Beijing Opera. It was fun, we could even bring them home! At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we walked around the school and played table tennis for a while. We also visited the school swimming pool but sadly we couldn’t swim because we didn’t bring our Student ID Card. Then, we ate dinner and we joked around with friends. After the dinner, some of us went to the supermarket to buy our needs and some gifts for our family. And the rest stayed at the school to play basketball or just having fun. It was really fun!! We still hope for the best for tomorrow. We think that’s all for today, and see you in the next few days, bye!!


大家好!!!!! 我们是从第三组。 今天是很有趣的一天。我们要告诉你们这一天。五点半时,我们已经起床了,然后洗澡和收拾自己。我们在食堂一起吃早餐,吃了很多、和我们的早餐也很好吃。吃完后,我们一起去北海公园。我们没坐公共汽车,但是我们走路。虽然我们走了很远的路但是我们看到了很美的风景。对我们来说,北海是一个很美的地方。我们拍了很多照片。然后我们一个小时半坐船。在船上,有的玩牌,有的唱歌,休息,和看着风景。差不多十二点时,我们下船,然后回宿舍吃午餐和休息一下。老师叫我们在两点集合,所以一点55分钟时,我们下楼和在学校门口等。后来,我们坐公共汽车去北京最大的书店叫北京图书大厦。老师给我们十分钟来看一看。这个书店真的很大,那边卖了各种各样的书。因为卖的书都是用中文,我们看不懂、所以我们没买。看了后,我们走到西单商场。到了后,我们分成几个组,老师给我们一个半小时走一走和购物。有的买衣服,鞋子,零食和饮料。我们下午五点回宿舍去吃晚餐。吃完后,有的同学打篮球和玩别的运动。玩以后,我们感觉到很累,所以我们就去洗澡和休息。就是这样我们的第三天在北京。希望明天会有更好的日子。再见!!

(Day 3)A Really Tiring yet Fun Day

Haaaii everryoonee!! We’re from group 3. Today is a really amazing day, to share our excitment, we’re going to tell u all about our day. Today we woke up at 5.30, took a bath and prepared our stuff. We then gathered in the canteen to have our breakfast. This morning we ate fried egg, chocolate bread and some beef sandwich.Hmmmm..our meal were good. After we finished our breakfast, we together went to the beihai park, but this time, we didn’t ride the bus, we walked, and it was pretty far. But despite our tiredness, we still enjoyed the view and weather, as it was cloudy so it wasn’t that hot. After we finally arrived, we queued up and went in. Beihai is a really beautiful place in beijing. We had alot of fun taking nice pictures. Happy with our pictures, we then rode a “boat” for about 1 and a half hour. Some of us played cards, sang a song and some just relaxed and enjoyed the view. At around 12 o’clock, we got off the boat and then walked back to the dorm to have our lunch and rest for a while. We were instructed to gather back at 2o’clock, so at 1.55, we all went down and waited in front of the school’s gate. After that, we went to the biggest bookstore called beijing books building by public bus. We were given 30 minutes, so we went in. It was really huge and there were so many books. But since we thougt that it is all in chinese and it will be so hard for us so we decided not to buy. After we were done, we walked to the department store.  After we arrived we were divided into groups, we were given 1 and a half hour to walk around and did some shopping. We bought clothes, shoes, and even food and drinks. We went back to the dorm at 5 o’clock, once we arrived, we had dinner, then some of us played basket and some other sports. After we finished playing, we felt really tired, so we took a bath then had a rest. So that’s all about our day. Hope 2morrow’s going to be a better day. Byee guyyss…cu 2morrow.